Staging - How We Work

1. The First Visit -On the first visit we will tour your house to discuss the changes that need to take place, as well as pointing out the repairs needed, possible furniture relocation and removal of items and/or clutter.  We will also discuss any changes that will help accentuate and maximize the space of your property so that prospective buyers realize its full potential and value. 

2. Proposal/Assessment - After we are done touring your house, we will write up a detailed proposal/assessment, which will include staging options and prices. The proposal will be sent to you via email within 48 hours. This step may be skipped and we can go straight to the agreement if both parties are ready. 

3. The Agreement - Once a proposal is agreed upon, an agreement will be written up to confirm in detail the terms and conditions. The project will be scheduled once we receive the signed contract, the initial deposit and we mutually agree upon a start date. We will send the Agreement via e-mail for your convenience.

4. Miscellaneous - Sometimes when working on a staging project, additional work such as painting, cleaning, landscaping and electrical repairs are needed. We are happy to provide these services using our companies/contractors that will do the job for you at reasonable rates.

5. Aesthetics - We understand that staging, design and overall aesthetics can be personal. We will try to determine up front the look and feel of the house and the specifics regarding the potential buyers. Once the direction is mutually agreed upon we kindly ask that the look, trend or décor not be changed in order to maintain the overall design aesthetics we have envisioned for the home.

5. Staging Day(s) - When the real work begins, we will need to have full access to the house for 2-3 days, as we will be applying the changes agreed upon to your property. It is recommended that homeowners, agents and sub-contractors not be present on staging day(s). The stagers need the space of the entire home in order to get it ready for viewing.

6. De-Staging - We require at least one week’s notice to de-stage the home.

"We want to provide an efficient and effortless collaboration that nets a clean organic process that can be immediately photographed, showcased and sold."